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We are happy to become your guide in the world of detox.

Detox program for 3 days: body care + handling cocktails

The program lasts for 3 days and includes detox procedure for the body wrap, steam baths, a hot tub, as well as cleansing the body of toxins: fresh, smoothies and juices made from natural vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Detox program 7 days: rapid weight loss for the body + body cleansing detox cocktails

7-day program will help to purchase smart silhouette, achieve deep cleansing of toxins and restore lightness throughout the body. The program includes a unique body wraps, water treatments and detox cocktail reception for the upgrade of all life processes and rejuvenation.

Detox program 10 days: weight loss and cleansing!

10 days - an intensive program of weight loss and detox. As a result - the cleansing of toxins and weight loss, trim silhouette and rejuvenation of the entire body! The program includes intensive treatments for weight loss and detox cocktails, putting out harmful toxins, renewing all life processes.

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