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Medical advice


Regular visits to the gynecologist - one of the key aspects of maintaining women's health.

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Gynecologist, endocrinologist

Every woman knows that visits to a gynecologist should be as systematic as visits to hairdresser or cosmetologist. Taking care of appearance will not bring the desired results without the proper care of your health! Visiting a specialist only twice a year, you will not only save yourself from women's problems, but also preserve your youth and attractiveness.

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Consulting dermatologist

Skin is exposed to different harmfull environmental factors like any organ in your body, whose effects are various skin diseases, deterioration of the skin's appearance, the loss of elasticity. Cosmetologist not always can solve these problems, they require specialist of other qualification.

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Dietary counseling

Experienced nutritionist of our clinic do not just prescribe a standard diet, but also pick up individual menus.

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Medical consultation

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