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Gynecologist, endocrinologist

Every woman knows that visits to a gynecologist should be as systematic as visits to hairdresser or cosmetologist. Taking care of appearance will not bring the desired results without the proper care of your health! Visiting a specialist only twice a year, you will not only save yourself from women's problems, but also preserve your youth and attractiveness.

Consultation of gynecologist – is:

  • professional dialogue with a specialist about your health, the discussion of complaints (if any);
  • careful examination using the newest equipment;
  • monitoring the condition of your cervix and breasts;
  • making tests, if needed;
  • ultrasound diagnostics.

Due to modern gynecological equipment and professional approach of the doctor, visit to the gynecologist will no longer be associated with discomfort!

Every woman should have a personal doctor

Your body – it is a complex and fragile system, which needs permanent control. Best of all if it will be done by the same specialist. Personal gynecologist is convenient! You can ask him any questions – from relieving pain during menstruation to selecting contraception or planning a pregnancy. You are guaranteed to get personalized help from a qualified doctor who knows everything about your health. 

On a scheduled examination with holding all of these procedures you will spend no more than 30 minutes. That means, that for taking care of your intimate health and preserving your female attractiveness you need to spend only one hour of personal time per year. This is at least 14 times less than the time spent by you in beauty salons.

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