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Dreaming about your skin’s young and fresh look ? Want to get rid of the pouches under the eyes and scars on your face? Special procedures at Porcelain Esthetics will relieve you of  these problems!

Facial peeling

Your skin has a truly amazing feature – the ability to regenerate. In response to the slightest damage it starts to produce collagen and elastin and stimulate the formation of new tissue. The procedure of peeling is based on this unique skin’s characteristic.

Modern cosmetical preparations for peeling are able to start your skin’s metabolic process  and initiate its recovery mechanisms. As a result, you get smooth and velvety skin. Peeling will allow you to get rid of the first signs of skin aging, as well as acne, enlarged pores, stretch marks and other esthetic defects.

Microcurrent therapy

Skin tigtening without surgery? No problem! Course of microcurrent therapy will completely restore your skin’s tone, improve blood circulation and activates intracellular metabolism. You get not only cosmetic, but also a terrific health benefits!

Facial muscles are disposed to aging and microcurrents allow them to return elasticity. Using this procedure, you can improve general tone of your face, get rid of many imperfections, accelerate wound healing.
Microcurrent therapy – completely painless and safe procedure. You won’t  feel any discomfort. Positive changes will be noticable after the first session!

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