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Hardware pedicure

Unlike classic pedicure – apparatus pedicure is more than just a cosmetic procedure. The procedure held on the newest equipment with individually selected abrasives and nozzles in the hands of professionals with a medical background will allow you to:

  • remove even the most dry corns and calluses, preventing their reoccurrence
  • painlessly and carefully treat deep cracks on the heels 
  • get rid of skin or nail fungus at an early stages
  • fix ingrown toenail
  • fully restore damaged or deformed nails

Pedicure is an ideal treatment for diabetic feet! Besides, the apparatus procedure completely eliminates the risk of damaging healthy skin, and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues. This means that instead of 4 classic pedicures a month you will need only one apparatus procedure!

5 arguments in favor of apparatus pedicure:

  • Safe and bloodless.
  • Absence of pain.
  • 100% removal of rough skin.
  • Most advanced technique of nail correction and treatment.
  • The most hygienic.

In addition to solving esthetic problems, pedicure has wellness effect on the whole body due to acupressure massage. This is the best way to get rid of the accumulated body fatigue!

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