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Organic Curl Systems

If you often use a hair dryer or curling iron, you hair is regularly subjected to lightening or dying, if your hair is dry, then Organic Care System is designed especially for you!

Why Organic Care System is unique?

Usual hair reconstruction systems affect the external shell of the hair, solving problem of splitted hairs only for a few days. Organic Care System products act quite differently: they enrich hair with necessary amino acids and vitamins, nourishing it with herbal extracts, reconstructing the hair structure from the inside. Thereby, important elements are deeply absorbed and are not washed off after the first washing, returning your hair a natural shine, strength and beauty!

Natural certified ingridients

Specially for Organic Care System the experts selected components that affect the hair carefully and  effectively at the same time:

  • vitamin B gives the hair elasticity without weighing it down;
  • natural antioxidant vitamin E makes hair supple and obedient;
  • almond oil and jojoba extract deeply moisturize hair;
  • sunflower oil protects against UV-factor, preventing aging and hair loss; 
  • aloe vera and chamomile soften the hair and take care of the scalp; 
  • wheat protein makes hair strong and accelerates its growth.

Why do you need Organic Care System treatment

This complex of natural products is able to restore gently and quickly even the most damaged hair!

Organic Care System will help you:

  • to return the beauty and healthy glow of colored hair; 
  • restore the structure of the hair after perming;
  • to make curly hair soft and silky;
  • get rid of dandruff and prevent it’s appearance;
  • normalize the scalp’s condition, prevent its peeling, dryness or oiliness.
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