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Organic Curl Systems

Dream about long-term waving, but afraid to spoil your hair? Our revolutionary perming product creates curls with a uniquely natural feel, bounce and shine.

What is perming?

Five years ago, you could get long-term waving only with the help of aggressive chemicals. They included not only hydrogen peroxide and ammonia but also thioglycolic acid, which could almost ‘killed’ your hair

Today, you no longer need to use this barbaric method. The prefix ‘bio’ in the name of the procedure is not accidental. The procedure is performed by cosmetics consisting 95% of organic components and allows creating spectacular curls without damaging hair. As a result you receive  luxury hair, keeping it perfectly smooth, soft, flexible and shiny.

Hair waving at ‘Porcelain Esthetics’ will provide you with not only a high quality long-term professional hairstyling but also will restore damaged hair, strengthen and protect it from the negative effects of various factors.

For creation of your hairstyle Organic Curl Systems perm will be used. It consists mainly of natural ingredients, so that it is recognized as 100 % harmless for all hair types.

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